2024 Arts and Culture Rebuilding Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?
Does an organization have to be in operation for a certain amount of time to apply?
Does this program support individual artists?
Does a rolling deadline mean I should apply right away?
Is there a certain percentage of a project or organization budget that this program will fund?
Will applications or awards to other OCF grant programs affect my application?
Can I apply to the Small Arts and Culture Grants program this fall?
Can I apply for multi-year support?
Are all culturally-specific nonprofits eligible to apply as a cultural organization?
What should applications using a fiscal sponsor know?
Does submitting an application guarantee funding?
Can I talk to someone at OCF about my application?
I’m having trouble with the online application system. Who do I contact for assistance?
How can I confirm my application was received?
How soon after applying can an arts and culture organization expect to hear back?
When will funds be distributed?
If I received a decline notice, can I apply again?
Can I submit a late application if I missed the deadline?
Is additional funding planned for this program?
Are you an OCF grantee who would like to share news, images or information about your organization?