Black Student Success Community Network Grants

The educational challenges that face marginalized Black children and their families in Oregon are too great for one organization or group to tackle alone. Success requires strategic ongoing collaboration. The Oregon BSS Network will facilitate meaningful partnerships and coalitions to tackle root causes of educational inequity. The Network brings together community organizations rooted in the Black community to strategize and provide direction on best practices for advancing Black Student Success.

Award Details

In 2022, 24 recipients received $20,000 renewal grants to participate in the Oregon Black Student Success Network. Granted funds can be allocated as individual grantees deem necessary to ensure capacity for the organization to fully participate in Network activities. See details of participation under “Network Participation” below.


Organizations/coalitions eligible for this grant opportunity must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have 501(c)(3) status as a public charity (not a private foundation), be a public entity, or have a qualified fiscal sponsor
  • The staff and leadership reflect the African/Black community (or communities) that is served
  • A significant number of clients/children/families served are from African/Black communities
  • The organizational environment is culturally focused and identified as such by participants
  • The organization/leadership has a track record of successful community engagement and involvement with African/ Black communities being served
  • The community (or communities) being served recognizes the organization and as advancing the best interest of the community (or communities African/African Immigrant pan African)
  • The organization can demonstrate an understanding of the unique needs of African/Black students

In addition, all organizations applying should be providing at least one program related to the focus areas below for Black Students and must have a focus that falls within the scale of Birth through Pre-K, K-12 and post-secondary:

  • Early learning programs
  • Early learning pathways
  • Diversification of the educator workforce through recruitment, hiring, and retention efforts
  • Transitions between early childhood-K-3 education; elementary to middle school; middle school to high school; high school to post-secondary education
  • Newcomer programs and supports for African students
  • Culturally responsive curriculum
  • Literacy and numeracy outcomes for students in the K-12 system
  • Disproportionate discipline
  • Attendance and absenteeism
  • Freshman on-track
  • Graduation rates
  • Post-secondary enrollment
  • Credit acquisition (post-secondary)
  • Completion of associates degree and/or bachelor’s degree (40-40-20 goal)

Network Participation

As a recipient of a grant, your organization will be members of the Oregon Black Student Success Network, which provides a range of advice and perspectives to the BSS Taskforce. Members will:

  • Support taskforce member learning around specific issues impeding Black Students in Oregon and effective support strategies
  • Support the development of meaningful funding strategies that lead to collective impact
  • Provide input regarding policy agendas that will best support Black Students
  • Provide input for communications and narrative change

Network members will fulfill this through the following key activities:

  • Attend annual convening
  • Share stories of success with the taskforce twice annually
  • Respond to a limited number of surveys or requests for feedback that supports the taskforce learning

Application Process

Applications are accepted through MyOCF.  You must be a registered user to access OCF’s Grants Portal.  If you don’t have an account, you can create one by following the instructions on the MyOCF login screen.


Participants will not be required to submit traditional reports but will be asked to participate in surveys to provide general details about the work that they are doing with Black students. In addition, Network members will provide thought leadership that will inform decisions of the BSS Taskforce. The total number and schedule of surveys will be provided to grantees upon approval of the project. In addition, a site visit may be requested.

Staff Assistance

Questions about eligibility or qualification for this grant program can be directed to LaNae Johnson, Black Student Success program officer at