2024 Community Grants Program FAQs


Who is eligible to apply?
What geographic regions are eligible to apply for funds?
Can an organization apply to Community Grants and other OCF grant programs in the same year/cycle?
What are the reporting requirements
If i received DAF support in the 2024 Spring Cycles, can I still apply?
I’m having trouble with the online application system. Who do I contact for assistance?
We have been told our nonprofit’s budget was too large to be considered for funding. Can we apply this cycle?
Are there specific things OCF does not fund?


I’m having trouble with the online application system. Who do I contact for assistance?
How can I confirm my application was received?


What is the typical range of grant award requests?
Is this program accepting multi-year requests?
Why didn't my proposal get funded?


What is the deadline to submit an application for the 2024 Fall Cycle of the Community Grants program?
If my application is awarded funding, when will I receive the money?
If our fiscal year starts in August, when is our “most recently completed fiscal year?”
When does the program/project take place?


Who will read my application?


Where can I find the application questions?
Where can I find the review criteria used for the application?
What is a small capital project?
What is capacity building?
How can I get feedback on an application?
Where can I go if I need grant writing help?
How can our organization share our needs with OCF network of donors and funders so they may also contribute to our efforts?
I am an OCF grantee who would like to share news, images or information about our organization. How can I do that?


Are letters of support accepted?