2023 Community Grants Program FAQs

What is a letter of inquiry (LOI)?
Who is eligible to submit an LOI and apply?
What is the deadline to submit a letter of inquiry for general operating support?
When will the organization be notified that they are invited to apply for a Community Grant?
What is the typical range of grant award amounts?
What geographic regions are eligible to apply for funds?
Is this program accepting multi-year requests?
Are organizations serving the general public, such as arts & culture or environmental organizations welcome to apply in 2023?
What does the term “culturally specific” mean to the OCF Community Grants Program?
What does specific to populations experiencing bias and/or discrimination mean?
What is Community Grants' definition of a small rural organization? 
What is the OCF Community Grants Program’s definition of an “under-resourced” community?
If an organization received a Community Grant in 2022, can the organization submit a letter on inquiry and be invited to apply for general operating support in the 2023 Spring Cycle? 
Can an organization apply to Community Grants and other OCF grant programs in the same year/cycle?
I’m having trouble with the online application system. Who do I contact for assistance?
How can our organization share our needs with OCF advised fund donors so they may also contribute to our efforts?
If my application is approved, how long will it take to receive funding?
What my organization needs most is general operating support, but we don’t fit the criteria for requesting this type of funding. What can we do? 
Where can I find the LOI and Application questions?
Where can I find the review criteria used for the LOI and application?
What are the reporting requirements?
When will we have more information about the Organization Enhancement funding (capital, capacity building, project/program)?