K-12 Summer Learning Grant Program

Request for Proposals

OCF is focused on addressing the opportunity gap in K-12 education by reducing socioeconomic, geographic and racial inequities in student success. Through this one-time grant program, funded by the State of Oregon, OCF plans to award $40 million for school-aged children to participate in community-based learning, enrichment, and recreation programs offered through non-profits and public agencies across the state during summer 2021. Priority will be placed on programs that specifically support students experiencing the opportunity gap and from communities disproportionately impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic and related crises.

 The ongoing pandemic has had a significant impact on Oregon’s children, youth and families, disproportionately impacting communities of color, low-income families, and under-resourced rural communities. Since March 2020 when Oregon schools and other institutions were closed due to COVID-19, many students have primarily been in distance learning, hybrid, or other modified schooling models.  While this has been important for health and safety reasons, it has negatively impacted learning, social connection, and engagement for many students and families. Summer learning programs offer a significant opportunity to support students and families to overcome negative impacts of the pandemic and related crisis on student learning, mental health, and social and emotional trauma.

 A critical opportunity lies in the upcoming summer months when community-based organizations (CBOs) can provide critical continuity in education, connection, and necessary supports for children, youth and families. This includes a range of options best suited for each student and family that includes engaging enrichment, learning opportunities, recreation, social emotional learning, wraparound services, mental health supports, youth-adult relationships, and peer interactions.

 These grants would help support summer programs that focus on in-person or hybrid activities that support learning that occurs outside the classroom.

Scope of Applications

OCF seek proposals from summer learning and enrichment programs that serve K-12 children and youth for summer 2021 programming. Priority will be given to programs that serve, reflect, and are responsive to the specific needs of K-12 youth from communities of color, youth from low-income families, and youth living in under-resourced rural communities.

Grants are intended to be used towards ensuring youth and families have access to summer learning and/or enrichment programs. This grant program recognizes that the pandemic has had wide and varied impacts on youth and families across the state and therefore these grants are intended to ensure youth and families have opportunities to help them address the educational, social, emotional, and other impacts of the pandemic.

Grants will cover general operating costs of programs, including but not limited to:

  • Hiring and/or compensating staff or contractors to conduct outreach to families, coordinate and plan programs, and provide summer learning opportunities for K-12 youth.
  • Materials, resources, curricula, equipment, food and basic needs, transportation costs, stipends, scholarships, incentives, and other items to successfully support providing summer learning opportunities.
  • Costs associated with expanding summer program offerings to reach and include more students/families, including additional space, materials, resources, transportation, and staffing.
  • Materials, equipment, PPE, trainings, and other items necessary to meet OHA guidelines to ensure staff, participants, and families’ safety needs are met.
  • Hiring staff or contracting with experts to ensure program(s) are able to meet evolving OHA guidelines to ensure the safety of participants, families, and staff. 


One-time grants ranging $15,000 to $200,000 will be awarded to eligible organizations. We anticipate a wide range of award sizes based on program size, type, and population focus with anticipated average grant awards of $75,000.

Applicants must have offered similar in-person programming for youth for at least one prior summer, afterschool, or in another out-of-school time format (or partner with an organization who has that experience) and commit to monitoring and continuing to meet OHA and Ready Schools, Safe Learners (for school-based programs) guidelines. At the time grant application, organizations must also self-certify that they are in compliance with all local and state standards that ensure the safety and protection of the youth with whom they provide services and self-certify that they will carry all requisite insurance needed to protect against loss or damages incurred.

 Eligible organizations include nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations, tribal governments, public agencies including libraries and parks and recreation departments, churches, schools, and colleges located in Oregon that provide community-based programming. Programs may serve children entering kindergarten as well as recently graduated seniors.  Schools applying must demonstrate formalized partnerships with CBOs and must not be eligible to receive funding for summer programming from Federal and State stimulus packages.

Examples of eligible summer program focus areas include but are not limited to: Arts, environmental education, STEM/STEAM, literacy, mentoring, service learning, sports/recreation, summer academics, workforce development, and museum education.

Application Process

Applications for this program will be accepted through 7/16/2021 at 5pm. A PDF of the application to review can be found here and a PDF of the full RFP here. Visit MyOCF to start the application process.

If your program is also serving 0-5 kids, you may be eligible for funding for early childhood support. You can learn more here.

Reporting Expectations

At the conclusion of the grant, organizations will be asked to participate in a focus group and/or survey to share learnings. No other report will be required. 

Review Process

Completed applications will be accepted, reviewed, and awarded on a rolling basis throughout the spring to ensure programs have funds in hand to begin planning and implementation. OCF will seek the advice of a community based advisory committee throughout the granting process to ensure that the program is meeting community priorities.


Please take a look at the FAQs in the section below.

Questions about eligibility or qualification for this grant program can be directed to Jocelyn Beh, Temporary Summer Program Grant Administrator, jbeh@oregoncf.org

Questions about technical help with the application process or online application portal can be directed to grants@oregoncf.org

Frequently Asked Questions

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