July 10, 2023

Oregon Community Foundation Wraps Up Project Turnkey

Project Turnkey Ribbon Cutting with Central Cultural in Forest Grove, 2021

$125 Million State Investment for 32 Properties in 27 Cities Across 18 Counties

Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) and Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) announced today that Project Turnkey (1.0 and 2.0) successfully wrapped up with 32 total shelter properties in 27 cities throughout 18 Oregon counties, adding 1,384 beds/units of emergency housing. Project Turnkey represents a 36 percent total increase in the state's supply of emergency year-round shelter beds for people experiencing homelessness.

The latest Project Turnkey 2.0 grants came through funding of $50 million approved by the Oregon Legislature in March 2022, bringing the total Project Turnkey funding (1.0 and 2.0) to $125 million.

“This achievement demonstrates what’s possible when the state and private partners work together to solve urgent needs in our communities,” said Oregon Governor Tina Kotek. “Thousands in need of shelter in 18 counties across the state will be able to find a safe place to stay and the support they need to stabilize their lives thanks to Project Turnkey.”

Project Turnkey Final MapEach Project Turnkey operation is locally created, owned and operated by local government, nonprofit community partners or Tribes. Each Project Turnkey operation is designed to meet the needs of its community’s priority populations, ranging from college students, domestic violence survivors, fire survivors, Tribal community members and Veterans to people experiencing chronic homelessness, including people who are medically fragile.

“Project Turnkey demonstrates how we can take on complex housing challenges and create sustainable solutions through collaboration and innovation,” said Lisa Mensah, President and CEO, Oregon Community Foundation. “By nurturing trusted relationships with community partners throughout Oregon and investing strategically, we helped deliver critical support for our neighbors in need.”

Project Turnkey by the Numbers

Project Turnkey 2.0 (2022-2023)

  • $50 Million Investment
  • 517 Units to shelter unhoused community members
  • 13 Project Turnkey 2.0 sites
  • 11 Oregon Counties

Project Turnkey 1.0 (2020-2021)

  • $74.7 Million Investment
  • 867 Units to shelter unhoused community members
  • 19 Project Turnkey 1.0 sites
  • 13 Oregon Counties

“Oregon’s great need for shelter and housing of all types remains, but today we celebrate the many successes of Project Turnkey with our partners across the state,” said OHCS Director Andrea Bell. “Positive outcomes can prevail when we tackle the urgency of this challenge with community led and data driven solutions that center our collective humanity. Our economies and communities are stronger when all people have access to their basic needs to which housing is fundamental.” 

“Thousands in need of shelter in 18 counties across the state will be able to find a safe place to stay and the support they need to stabilize their lives thanks to Project Turnkey”

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek

What’s Next

The Project Turnkey Community Advisory Committee will officially conclude soon by reviewing insights and sharing key learnings with OCF and the state.
“Local communities need resources to address the housing crisis they’re facing along with rapid rehousing solutions such as those provided by Project Turnkey,” said Ernesto Fonseca, Chief Executive Officer of Hacienda CDC and Project Turnkey Advisory Committee member. “Project Turnkey is an example of the Oregon Legislature entrusting OCF and the Advisory Committee to steward these funds to local communities to stand up shelter and housing rapidly.”

OCF will deliver a report to the Oregon Legislature in early 2024.

“We are so grateful for the dedication and engagement of these key advisors to Project Turnkey,” said Megan Loeb, Senior Program Officer, Economic Vitality and Housing, Oregon Community Foundation. “They have remained laser focused on community and equity in this work,” Ms. Loeb continued, speaking of the Advisory Committee of diverse stakeholders that provided review and recommendation for all Project Turnkey grants.

OCF offers support for Oregon’s housing needs along a continuum — from shelter to supportive housing to affordable housing to equitable home ownership — through a variety of tools, including research, grants, advocacy, and low-interest loans. OCF’s administration of Project Turnkey is one example of the innovative, collaborative approaches that are helping more Oregonians find affordable, stable housing. 

About Project Turnkey 2.0 (2022-2023) 

Based on the success of the Project Turnkey 1.0, and in the face on ongoing need for emergency shelter, on March 4, 2022, the Oregon Legislature allocated $50 million in new funding for more emergency shelters around the state for Project Turnkey 2.0.  

To learn more: Oregon Community Foundation and Oregon Housing and Community Services Poised to Launch Project Turnkey 2.0 with $50M in State Funding 

OCF and OHCS Roles 

Oregon Community Foundation served as the grantor and fiduciary, administering state-funded Project Turnkey grants with guidance from a diverse statewide Advisory Committee.

Oregon Housing and Community Services provided advice and support for OCF as the State’s Housing Finance Agency. Additionally, OHCS has received resources to administer funds to the recipients of Project Turnkey 2.0 grants. This includes ongoing monitoring and oversight of these funds and the projects they support. 


In 2020 the Oregon Legislature allocated a total of $74.7 million for Project Turnkey 1.0 (2020-2021), for the purpose of acquiring motels/hotels for use as safe shelter for people experiencing homelessness, at-risk of homelessness or displaced by wildfires.

In less than seven months, Project Turnkey 1.0 created 19 new shelters in 13 counties, leading to a 20% increase in the state supply of shelter beds. Each property is locally owned and operated by a local nonprofit organization or entity (such as a city or county).  

 To learn more, please visit: oregoncf.org/assets/PDFs-and-Docs/PDFs/project-turnkey-report.pdf