Let Us Decide

Discretionary Fund

With a discretionary fund, you let OCF decide how a fund in your name can help meet the greatest needs throughout the state.

Discretionary funds support our charitable mission and address OCF-identified impact areas. Discretionary grants from OCF totaled $25 million in 2018, nearly one quarter of all grants and scholarships. 

Benefits of Directing your Charitable Gift toward OCF Discretionary Funds


You can rest assured that your gift will be directed toward important causes in Oregon focused around OCF initiative areas including Arts and Culture, Economic and Community Vitality, Community Engagement, Education, Health and Well Being, Homelessness and Housing and Land and Nature. Nearly one third of all OCF discretionary grants fund education initiatives. 


Your contributions to your OCF fund are stewarded by our expert investment committee and professional managers to ensure the longevity and growth of your fund. OCF selects investment managers with proven records of performance in domestic and international markets, equity management, fixed-income management and/or mixed-asset management. Managers with responsibility for equity management have demonstrated skill managing assets within, but not necessarily including all of, the following styles: core (including index funds), growth, value, small capitalization and non-U.S. equities. Learn about the OCF investment program.

Here's How it Works

  • You establish and name your fund with a fund agreement with the assistance of OCF staff. Most donors create discretionary funds as a legacy gift through their estate planning
  • You make a gift of cash, stock or other assets to OCF to start your fund.
  • You may be eligible to receive an immediate tax deduction for your charitable contribution.
  • Your gift is expertly invested.
  • You may add to your fund at any time, including through your estate.
  • The OCF board determines where to allocate discretionary funds to make the greatest impact
  • Your philanthropy is continually supported by OCF staff with strong statewide knowledge and the ability to connect you to nonprofits and other donors who care about the same issues as you.

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