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Donor Advised Funds

With an OCF donor advised fund, expertise, efficiency, and service replace the expensive and time-consuming administrative responsibilities of a private foundation.

OCF's specific expertise in Oregon will help you carry out your intent in perpetuity, funding causes that are important to you — and addressing the greatest needs within guidelines you set.

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Benefits of Working with OCF

At OCF, you benefit from services that help you make effective grants.

Personal Service

Your OCF staff team works with you to increase the impact of your grantmaking, will keep you informed about your fund and the Foundation, and assist you in adding to your fund now or through your estate. 

Direct Participation

You can recommend organizations you’d like to support. Upon approval by the OCF board of directors, your grants are made in your fund’s name.

Investment Expertise

Your contributions to your OCF fund are stewarded by our expert investment committee and professional managers to ensure the longevity and growth of your fund.

Ensured Legacy

You may name successor advisors for your fund and you can also define how your fund will be used after you and your family are no longer advisors – allowing your OCF fund to be a lasting legacy.

Here's How it Works

  • You establish and name your fund with a fund agreement with the assistance of OCF staff. 
  • You make a gift of cash, stock or other assets to OCF to start your fund.
  • You may be eligible to receive an immediate tax deduction for your charitable contribution.
  • Your fund is expertly invested.
  • You recommend grants from your fund that are promptly reviewed and acted upon.
  • You may add to your fund at any time, including through your estate.
  • Your philanthropy is continually supported by OCF staff with strong statewide knowledge and the ability to connect you to nonprofits and other donors who care about the same issues as you.

Learning Opportunities for Advised-Fund Donors

OCF offers many opportunities to make the most of your giving:

  • Talk with OCF staff for advice about specific grantmaking strategies
  • Learn about linking your fund to your estate plan so you can make a charitable gift through your will or trust
  • Engage your family in giving together
  • Learn the fundamentals of grantmaking
  • Attend OCF-hosted events where you can meet other OCF donors and learn about critical issues regionally and statewide
  • Visit a nonprofit organization in which you have an interest

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