Support Nonprofit Operations and Programs

Endowment Partner Fund

Oregon charitable organizations can create funds that support their own operations and programs in perpetuity with OCF’s Endowment Partners Program. By joining this program, your organization takes an important step toward financial sustainability.

Benefits of an Endowment Partnership

  • Resiliency from a reliable source of income and diversification of revenues.
  • Attractiveness to donors who see the permanence of your mission assured by your endowment.
  • Efficiency that allows you to focus on your core mission rather than managing your endowment.
  • Professional guidance on complex gift transactions such as real estate.
  • Access to deferred giving and OCF philanthropic advisors to offer charitable gift annuities and trusts to your donors.
  • Investment in a high-quality, diversified investment program at reasonable costs.

Are you ready?

The creation of endowment is an important turning point for an organization. Does your organization have these key success factors?

  • Strong leadership and experienced management, successful leadership transitions and an active and diverse board
  • Financial responsibility and stability, fiscal accountability, a broad base of support, and non-endowed operating reserves
  • Fund development capacity with sufficient staff and volunteers and a strong commitment to long-term fundraising strategies

Getting Started

To become an endowment partner, complete an application to help us better understand your organization's readiness for a permanent endowment. Once approved, your nonprofit organization and OCF will sign a mutually acceptable fund agreement, as well as a separate acknowledgment statement. A minimum of $25,000 is required to establish your fund.

Organization requirements:

  • 501(c)(3) public charity status
  • Registration with the Oregon Secretary of State and Oregon Department of Justice (as applicable)
  • Operations (preferably headquarters) in Oregon
  • A substantial mission of service to Oregon

Planned Giving for Endowment Partners

OCF supports endowment partner organizations in building their endowment through deferred gifts (also called planned gifts). For more information, download the Planned Giving for Endowment Partners brochure.


For more information on establishing an endowment partner fund, connect with a philanthropic advisor in your region