The Oregon Society

In honor of those who have named OCF in estate plans, wills, trusts or other deferred gifts. 

Carl Abbott and Margery Post Abbott
Chris Achterman
Robert and Bonnie Acker
Donna S. Adams Fund
Mark L. Adams
Gregory M. Ahlijian
Mike and Tami Aho
AJKK Charitable Fund
Jennifer Allen and Wayne Luscombe
Julia Allen and Jane Cedar
Edward (Nick) Allis
Jim and Darlene Allison
Rex and Diane Amos
Ann Amundsen and Michael Roantree
Daniel Anderson and Joy Strand
David Carl Anderson
David and Lyn Anderson
Elizabeth E. Anderson
Jon and Terri Anderson
Susan Carter Anderson and Alexander Mathas
Jeff and Debbie Andrews
Bill and Tracey Anthony
Laura Antoniolli
John and Susan Appel
Jeanne I. Arbow, CPA
Ellen Arietta
Rhea Arthur
R.J. and J.M. Audin Legacy Fund
Natalie Hubert Bachelder and Michael Bachelder
Fritz and Florence Bachem
E.J. Badger
Susan and Mike Bahr
Donna E. Bane
Patti Zembrosky Barkin and Thomas Barkin
Bob and Jerri Barss
Jennifer and Jon Bartch
Susan Remick and Wayne Bartolét
Terry S. Bateman
Todd and Lori Bauman
Howard and Jean Baumann
Barbara Bean
Beattie Family
David Beaudoin
Bruce Beeman
Patricia A. Bender
Alan and Deborah Bennett
Curt and Carol Bennett
Kimberley Bennett
Judith E. Benson-Shank and Robert B. Shank
Patricia Bentley
Holly Berry
Sally Berry
David and Lynda Bird
Jim Bishop
Judith A. Black
Adriane T. Blackman
Richard “Doug” Blair
Lenita Blake
Mary E. Blake
Donald L. Blanchard, M.D.
Linda and Paul Blankenmeister
George B. and Janet C. Boldt
Shawn and Melva Boles
Sue Bolstad
Linda “Bo” Bonotto
Book Family Trust
Christ and Barbara Bouneff
William R. Bradford and Lora A. Minty
Sara and Jonathan Brandt
Martin and Kay Brantley
Mary Bray
Bill Briggs
Joyce Briggs
Evona M. Brim
Pamela Britton
Kelly Brookes and Michael DeMarco
Eden Rose Brown
Gary and Mary Brown
Lawrence J. Brown
Philip Brown
Allan and Ann Bruckner
Neil and Mary Bryant
Silvia and Mark Bundy
Andy Burke and Ingrid Kessler
Jean S. Burlingham
Diana Burman
Lauretta Burman
John Burns
Mike and Carolyn Burrill
David R. Burris
Larry and Audrey Bush
Ellen Bussing
Mark and Rebecca Butler
Carol Caldwell
The Caliban Fund
Peg Caliendo and Jeff McMullin
Tom and Kathy Call
Susan Cameron and Robert Foster
Marian Campbell
Jan Capps
Peggy Carey
Janice and Duane Carlson
Marlan and Angela Carlson
Terrence Carmody
Louise Carnachan
Linda M. Carney
Karen Carnival
Christine Carpenter
Joshua Carson
Tom and Kathy Carstens
Michael Casey and Terry Wagstaff
Rick Caskey
Mary Anne Cassin and Ken Meyer
James Cavanaugh
Christine Chaillé
Gregory A. Chaillé
Janet Chappell
Bob Chase
Cynthia Chilton
Mike Chilton
Cathy Chinn
Catherine Chiu Dunn
David and Lynda Christopher
Debbie S. Chung
Christi A. Clark
Ed Clark and Janet Roberts
Mary Clark
Scott Clark
Linda Clary and Jim Williams
Norma Cochran
Bill and Lynda Cogdall
Arlene Siegel Cogen and Mitchell J. Cogen
Jon S. Cohen
Lulu Colby
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Coleman
Holly and Ryan Collier
Tom and Linda Collier
Elizabeth Collings and Gerald Thomas
Pat Collins
Dwight and Kathleen Comer
John Compton
Kimberly A. Conley
Tim and Camille Connelly
Mary Coombs
K.C. Cooper and Jim Hart
Bruce and Dianne Copper
Ruth and Walter Coppock
Joan M. Corcoran
Kathleen Cornett and Stephen Grove
Virginia R. Cornyn
Lynne Coward
Tom and Jan Cowling
Drs. Sandra Coyner and Joseph Graf
Marianna L. Crawford
Norm and Deanna Crawford
Marge Creitz
Liz and Dave Crossman
Amy Cuddy
Laurie Cuddy
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Culver
Jill Current
John Cushing and Kayleen Kusterer
Mike and Carmen Cutting
Dr. Stanley J. Cyran
Julie Cornelius Darrough
Janelle Davidson
Adam and Gina Davis
Carol and Jeff Davis
Gary and Cheryl Davis
Paula and Doug Dawley
Patrick De La Grange and Eric Timmons
Donna and Steven Deacon
Nancy and Jon Decherd
Dave DeLapp
Brent and Lisa (Cardin) DeMoe
Michael and Tammy Dennee
Cynthia Dettman
Mary Devlin and Norman Hale
Gary and Shirley DeVos
Don and Linda DeWald
Jo Ann Vicenus Dewey and Dave Dewey
Mary Dickson
Al Didier and Sherry Holley
Howard N. Dietrich, Jr.
Richard and Patricia Dilbeck
Clyde and Jerrine Doctor
Barbara B. Doherty
Matt and Doris Doherty
Richard Dolgonas and Susan Uravich
Bobbie Dolp
MB Doran
Leslie and Page Dos Reis
Sarah Douglas and Marie Vitulli
Kay L. Doyle
Tim Dragila and Joan Miller
Margaret Drake
Jean Doris Drayer
Jacqueline Druck
Drzal Bond Fund
Robert N. and Georgina B. Dubay
Scott Dunbar and Gretchen Horton-Dunbar
John Dunlap and Robyn Holdman
Richard and Betty Duvall
Kirby and Carl Dyess
Bill and Karen Early
Judy Eaton
Steven H. Eklund and Teresa A. Delaney
Alan Eliason and Charlotte Sahnow
Christine and Robert Elliott
Paul and Angie Elstone
Fara K. Etzel
Alan Evans
Davis Evans
Evergreen Charitable Trust
John and Marilyn Everson
Linda Eyerman and William Gaylord
John L. Fagan and Jo A. Reese
Lee and Karen Fairchild
Gene Faltus
Sally D. Farrell
Mary Ellen Fay
Christina Federlein
Carol Fellows and Tim Bewley
Roger and Susan Ferguson
Tom and Marilyn Fink
Danielle D. Flagg
Fred and Cindy Flippence
Gillian Floren and Gregory Swanson
John and Lynne Forsyth
Brenda Kay and John Francis
Doug and MacKenzie Freeman
Joyce Freeman
Timothy Freeman
Ralph W. Fullerton and Myra J. Friedman
Darin Furry
Edward and Lisa Gahan
John and Chele Gamble
Hal Gard and Jane Wille
Diana Gardener and Judson Parsons
Mary Garrard
Mark and Carol Gast
Linda and Rich Gettmann
Scott and Pamela Gibson
Klaus and Dorlene Gielisch
Emily Gilbert
Ted Gilbert
Jerry and Cathy Gildemeister
Barbara Gilkey
Tom Gilkey and Lindy Gravelle
Kit Gillem
Dennis P. and Marie V. Gilliam
Susan R. Gilmont
Jacqueline Giustina
Jeff and Joan Gladow
Nona Glazer
Joe Gledhill
Lyn Godsey
Good Faith Fund
Sandra Good
Ann Goodsell
Helen Goodwin
Eric and Tamie Goranson
Doug Gordon
Pat Gordon
Jim Gorter and Becky Kuhn
Francine Goteiner
Grandmothers’ Legacy Fund
Jay and Alison Graves
Susan E. Gray
Emil and Elaine Graziani Charitable Fund
Dana Greaves
Deborah Kimberley Greear and Jimmy Greear
Leslie M. Green
Mike Greenstreet
Scott and Carol Gregg
Shu Gregg Charitable Fund
Julie L. Gregory
Vicki L. Griesinger and Marilyn E. Hawkins
Chane and Jim Griggs
Carolyn Groves
Inge Gruber
Lester Gunther
Charles Guzis and Miriam St. Clair
James P. Haeg
Patrick G. Hager
Sam and Marcy Haines
Kendall H. Halford
Capt. and Mrs. David Hall
Kenneth and Christine Hall
William and Marty Hall
William and Kathleen Hall
Jim and Diane Hallstrom
Jason Halstead and Rob Chapman
Susan Halton
Debbie A. Hanavan
Rich and Seana Hannah
Helen Hanson
Dave and Ann Hanus
Natasha Hardrath
Dan and Kathy Harmon
Katherine Harris
Sally Hart
Judith A. Harza
Paul Haughom
Hawkins Family Fund
Michael and Eileen Heaton
Jay and Jan Heck
The Hemisphere Trust Fund
Sandra Henderson and Tony Selle
Susan Hennessy and Marcus Wood
Lyn Hennion
Peter and Mary Hepokoski
Dorothy M. Hermens
Ron and Vicki Herring
Carol C. Herron
Mary Jo Higgins
Pete and Debbie Higgins
Sunny and Vicky Hills
Barbara Hilyer and John Daggett
Maxine Hines
Rob Hirschboeck and Deborah Dryden
Sandra Hise
Steve and Bev Hobbs
Lynn Hochstetter
Lynn Hodecker
Jeannette B. Hofer
Suzanne L. Hoffman
Seth and Kathleen Hofstetter
Terrance and Jane Hohner
James R. and Linda L. Holder
Sue Hollern
Blair A. Holman and Virginia I. Tabor Fund
Charlie and Maryanne Holman
Stuart Honeyman
Steve and Jan Hooper
Albert Horn and Nancy Goodwin
Evonne and Michial Hubbard
Charles and Lynne Humble
Clement and Phyllis Hunter
James and Marcia Hunter
Bill and Becky Huntting
Linda M. Hurst
Stuart N. Husband
Yvonne Huson Boni
Georgia Lee Hussey
Ellen Hyman
Wilbur and Lela Jackson
Mary Jeanne Jacobsen
Norman C. Jacox
Carla Jamison
Diane Freels Jarvis
René and Rob Jasper
Thomas P. Jensen
Emmy Jenson
Deborah Johnsen
Jane S. Johnson
Judy and Brad Johnson
Ginna Jones and Ron Nordeen
Greg Jones and Marylou Belknap-Jones
Steve Jones
Guy Justice and Eva Smekens-Justice
Larry and Cheryl Kanzler
Bob and Lorrie Kaplan
Kali Kardas
Katann Fund
Kate T. Kaufmann
Russell and Linda Keizer
Joan Kelley
Judy Carlson Kelley
Michael M. Kem
Jo Ann and Greg Kemmis
Peter J. Kendall
Karen Kent
Newt and Julie Kerney
Jock and Barbara Kimberley
Frederick M. and Belinda Kinyon
Sherrill A. Kirchhoff
Susan and Steve Klarquist
Ron and Linda Klein
Janet Knowles
Willy and Karen Kohne
Komer Animal Treasury Fund
David and Cassie Kottkamp
Kate Kralik and Dan Sengenberger
Howard and Barbara Kraus
Leanne and Richard Krieger
Rebecca S. Kueny
Jennie and Mike Kuenz
Gary D. and Kathryn Judd Kurtz Fund
Laurie Kurutz
Mary Kutz and Chris Haubrich
Thomas and Jean Kyle
Ronni S. Lacroute
Ron and Jolynn Lambert
Kathleen R. Lamborn
Bill and Ann Lansing
Marlene Lasher
Dave and Ann Lau
Larry M. Lawrence
Linda Lawrence and Robert Canaga
Leadingham Living Trust
Elizabeth LeCuyer
Carol Leif
Paul and Laura Leighton
Sharon Leighty
Larry M. Lenon
Larry and Clover Leonard
Richard Leonetti and Shannon Moon Leonetti
Joan Levers and David Manhart
Elizabeth Lewis
Michael S. Lewis, MD
Joanne M. Lilley
Eric and Hollie Lindauer
Mark Linehan and Karen LaBonté
Linda and Dick Lingelser
Peter and Janice Linsky
Martin and Darice Lipsky
Sarah Lockhart and George Kraus
Alan Locklear and Marie Valleroy
Charles and Marcia Logan
Christine Lolich
Richard G. Long
Susan Loomis
Susan Lopez
George L. Lorance
Greg and Kathy Love
Robert Lowe and Michelle Berlin-Lowe
Arvin and Sue Luchs
Larry Lund
Barbara Naomi Lynn
J.W. and Nancy Lyon
Margaret Machi
Linda Maddox
John W. Madison
Kent and Laura Madison
Gary Maffei and Marc Lintner
Sheila Magee
Bonnie and Lawrence Magura
Bob Mahaffy
Bill and Mary Mainwaring
Neil and Joan Malling
Elliot and Maralynn Maltz Family Fund
Anne Manning
Manzanita Charitable Fund
Barbara Marall
Tom and Carolyn Maresh
David and Dolorosa Margulis
Jessica and Michael Marlitt
Bill and Mary Marquess
Tony and Janice Marquis
Donald Marshall
Martinak Family Trust
Vicci Lee Martinazzi
Richard Massey
Suzanna Mast
Jackie Mathys and Steve Zimmerman
Stephen Matt and Stephen Gordon
Jade Mayer and Romy Mortensen
Lou Mayersky
John and Peggy McAteer
Genie McBurnett
Dave and Linda McCammon
Linda Lee McClean
Rus McCracken
Judy McDermott
Robin McElroy
Michael and Carol McGeehon
Chuck McGinnis
Irma McKenna
Paul and Sheila McMahon
Kathleen A. McPherson
Jeanne Mehl
Elizabeth L. Menashe
Michael E. Menashe
Miles and Elizabeth Merwin
Laura and David Metzger
Alan Meyer
Keith and Debi Meyers
Suzanne Michaels and Karen Beth Petit
Bruce C. Miller
Kathryn A. Miller
Sharon Barth Miller
John and Becky Minor
Alan and Brenda Mitchell
Carol Mockridge
Kris Moore and Ryan Wilcoxen
Marlene R. Moore
Sharon Moore
Julie Moran
Betty Morgan
Dennis L. and Victoria A. Morgan
Carl Moseley and Ronald Menke
Patricia G. Moss
Ursula and John Moyer
Marilyn R. Mulhall
Carol W. Mulligan
Jenny and Tim Munson
James and Marilyn Murdock
Ken and Katharine Murphy
Ron and Gail Murray
Wendy and Michael Murray
Sheila Murty and Jason Job
Calvin and Kay Nakao
Jim and Pat Natseos
Susan F. Naumes
Dr. Cheryl R. Neal
Kent and Esther Neely
Earl and Carol Nelson
Robert Netko
Klaus and Mary Neuendorf
Allen and Martha Neuringer
Phyllis M. Newmark
Nancy Dean Nichols
Tonya Nichols and Ron Walters
Cathy and Paul Nicholson
Peter and Christine Nickerson
Don Nielsen
Ben Nolan
Jim Noonan and Margaret Schaus
Debra Nord
Stan Nowakowski and Maura Schwartz
James and Caroline Nudelman
Patrick O’Brien, M.D. and Bonney Pelley
Ernie and Marietta O’Byrne
Tony Ogden and Bill Poulos
Cate O’Hagan
Keith Oldham and Karen Leigh
Donald J. O’Leary
Kathryn Olney and Jim Roberts
Ann Olsen
Elizabeth Olsen
Carlton A. Olson
Charlene M. Olson
Wanda Olsrud
Mary A. Owen
Christal Paetz and Jerry Hood
Kathie and Richard Painter
Barbara and Marj Pally Charitable Fund
Dick and Carol Palmer
Penny Palmer and Jan Becker
T.J. Pappas
Patricia Patterson
Greg and Carol Patton
John Paulson
Alison and Paul Pazourek
Kenneth and Carol Pearson
Joan Pease-Engebrecht
Barry Peckham
Randall and Sali Peckham
Ted and Adele Pelletier
Brenda Penner
Michael R. Perkins
Anne M. Peters
Paulette Peynet
Phil and Gail Pincus
Karen Dawn Plaskon
Allan and Joshlene Pollock Charitable Fund
Alexander M. Polsky
Suzanne M. Port
G. Wesley and Gail Post
Joyce and Dan Postrel
Linda Prefontaine
Betsy Priddy Fund
Cheryl Puddy
Gary F. Purpura
Maggie Purves
Kathleen Quinn
Wendy and Richard Rahm
Chris Rainey
Emmett and Ardella Ramey
Kristin Ramstad
Mark Rauch
Bonnie and Peter Reagan
Merrick Drew Reburn
Yvonne Recker
Brenda Reed
Michael V. Reed
Judith Rees
Pamela Reeves
Laurel A. Regan
Patricia Rehm
Jim and Jessica Reichman
Kevin Reynolds and Marnye Summers
Dwayne and Bette Rice
Laura Rich and Philip Booth
Pamela Richardson
Ann Richmond
Sherry Ridgley
Hannelore Rippel
Karly Ritter
Rebecca Robb and Robert Reece
Kay L. Robbins
Karen and Stephen Roberti
Jane Ankeny Roche
Eric Ronemus and Anne Uzzell
Gary and Christine Rood
Melody Rose and Andrew B. Hagedorn
Bill and Susanna Ross
Steve Roth
George Rowbottom
Charlotte A. Rubin
Bill and Candace Ruland
Barb Rumer
Betsy Russell
Margaret Ryan and James Fereday
Kathi and Bruce Salvog
Basja Samuelson
Patrice A. Sanders
Michelle Sang
Dianne L. Sawyer
Howard and Darcy Saxion
Jeri Scharpf
Tad Scharpf
Jane Scheidecker
Jane Schiffhauer
Liz Schilling
Carol Schirmer
Richard Schmitz
Dorothy M. Schoder
Carol Schug
Robert Schug
Janet Schwartz
Burt and Sally Schwarz
Louise and Ed Sea
Carl E. Selin
Don and Sandy Shaffer
Marc and Suzanne Shapiro
Stacy Sharlet
Carolyn Sheldon
Lane and Francine Shetterly
Dan and Sarah Shramek
Harold D. Siegworth
Ann and Doug Sierka
Jay and Diane Silverman
Adrienne Simmons and Ian Templeton
Viviane Simon-Brown
Mary and Charles Sinclair
Rosie Sizer
Janvier Slick and Greg Zurbrugg
Dianna and Kevin Smiley
Michael Smith and Lora Wilson
R. Scott and Twylla D. Smith
W. Boyce F. Smith and Lori H. Smith
Al Soeldner and Courtney Campbell
Joan T. Spear
Suzanne Spitler Thompson
Laura Spurrell
Sreeni and Viji Sreenivasan
John and Maureen Stadter
Denise and Gregg Stahl
Joyce and Mike Stahly
Sandra and Leland Stapleton
Bill Starbuck and Joan Dunbar
Nellie B. Stark
George J. Stavros
Paul Steger and Pat Ferguson-Steger
Andrea and Jay Sternberg
Cornelia and William T.C. Stevens
Ellen Stevens
Thomas R. Stevens
Barbara Stickler
John Stilwell
William Stoller
Greg Stoltz
Russ and Janice Story
Richard and Susan Straub
Roger Straus
Matthew W. Stringer
Leslie Struxness
Bj Sullivan
Bonnie J. Sulmonetti
Peter and Willy Suriano-Williams
Jerry Sutherland
Marsha Swanson
Michelle Swanson and Larry George
Elaine and Dick Sweet
Charlie Swindells
Marlene Syverson
Mary Taylor
Michael and Kellee Taylor
Brenda K. and Jeffrey L. Teel
Noreen Telisman
Peter Teneau and Nancy Cushwa
Jane M. Terzis and Douglas E. Larson
Jeff and Janice Thede
Johanna and Peter Thoeresz
Dale and Jo Ann Thomas
Jon and Laura Thompson
Angela and Bill Thorndike, Jr.
Jim C. Thornton
Ronald and Ivy Lenz Timpe
Kris Topaz
Charles K. Trewhella
Carol Trezona
Michael Trigoboff and Patricia Leonard
Tom Triplett
Arty and Norm Trost
Peter and Lynda Truitt
Hans Tschersich
Jill Turner
John and Susan Turner
Barbara S. Tyler
Tim and Tracie Unterwegner
Janet Urton
Wendy and Brent Usher
Van Cise Family Fund
David and Christine Vernier
Charlie and Desi Vial
Don and Carolyn Vinton
Daryl and Chris Vogel
David Vogt and Jan Schrag
Spike Wadsworth and Sherry Sheng
Randy and Cheryl Wagner
Kathleen Walsh
Dee Ward
Kirk E. Ward
Bill and Barbara Warner
Bill and Laura Warner
John Warner
Grant and Diane Watkinson
Ed and Mary Watson
Janet Webster
Richard L. Weil
Randy Weisberg
John T. and Dee Ann Weisel
Mary Weller
The Wendy and Tinkerbell Memorial Fund
Lloyd West
Marti Westbrook and Judy Schrader
David Westcott
Gerald E. Westersund
Jon-Marc Weston and Susan Walton Weston
Joseph E. Weston
Carol White
Carole Ann White
Penelope A. White
Carol Williams
Daniel M. Williams
Loren D. Williams
Fran Willis and Ted Johnson
Joel Wilson and Deborah Sather
John and Molly Wilson
Marilyn Wilson
Nancy and Dennis Wilson
Stewart Winnick and Bonnie Rhodes
Thomas and Margery Winter
Sandra L. Wiscarson
Drs. Jennifer Wise and John Seidner
Irene Wolfgram
Susan C. Wolling
Charles E. Womer
Janet Wong Liu
Carolyn Wood
Casey Woodard
Cyd Woodard
Douglas S. Woods and Carolyn J. Woods
Robert Woods and Jeffrey Pittman
Steven and Kathryn Worley
Treece Wright
William and Marie Wright
Bev Wulf
Robert Wulf
Nola and Leslie Wyeth
Gayle Yamasaki
Samson Yang
Sherry Yang
Kimberly Yeager
Suzanne L. Younge
Nancy Yuill and Andrew Szatkowski
Katrina Zalin
Linda Zercher