Focus on Your Interests

Field of Interest Funds

If you have a deeply held field of interest — such as disadvantaged children, the elderly, or the performing arts — we can help you direct grants to your chosen cause. You can also make grants that focus in a specific geographic area within Oregon.

Benefits of Working with OCF 


OCF staff can assist you in adding to your fund now or through your estate. OCF has expertise in accepting all types of gifts, from cash, stock and real estate to more complex assets.


Your contributions to your OCF fund are stewarded by our expert investment committee and professional managers to ensure the longevity and growth of your fund.


Your OCF fund will create a lasting legacy for organizations and programs that support your passions. OCF will ensure that grants are made to organizations doing the most effective work to address your interest areas into perpetuity.

Here's How it Works

  • You establish and name your fund with the assistance of OCF staff, naming the areas of interest you want your fund to support. 
  • You make a gift of cash, stock or other assets to OCF to start your fund.
  • You may be eligible to receive an immediate tax deduction for your charitable contribution.
  • Your fund is expertly invested.
  • You may add to your fund at any time, including through your estate.

Get started today. Call (503) 227-6846 or enter your zip code below to connect with an OCF philanthropic advisor in your region.