Establish an Organization Under OCF's Umbrella

Supporting Organizations

Form your own board, grantmaking priorities and processes, while taking advantage of OCF's expertise, administrative support and charitable status.

Our expert staff is always available to help meet the organization's philanthropic goals. We can provide grantmaking services, help define strategy, engage family members, assess the effectiveness of grantees and more.

A supporting organization has a separate board of directors, can retain and invest assets, conduct an independent grant program or issue a separate annual report. Overhead costs are reduced because OCF handles all of the administrative oversight, including the IRS-mandated tax returns and annual audits.

“Maintaining our foundation as an OCF supporting organization gives us the benefit of OCF’s broad reach and knowledge base while maintaining the flexibility we need around programs, staffing, investment, and mission.”

-Janet Gray Webster
Board Chair, Gray Family Foundation

Here's How it Works

Supporting organizations are individual 501(c)(3) public charities under Section 509(a)(3) of the tax code. They have their own tax ID number and their donations receive the maximum level of tax deductions permitted by law (as with a donor-advised fund). Each supporting organization is covered under the umbrella of OCF and must be organized and operated to carry out the same broad charitable, educational and scientific purposes of OCF.

The current minimum to establish a supporting organization is $5 million.

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