Metro Portland

Remembering Jim Meyer, Bridge-Builder and Leader

OCF lost a friend and steady leader and volunteer in Jim Meyer when he passed away October 23, 2021. We will miss him, as we celebrate his kindness and generosity in so many ways. His connections to OCF go back more than two decades and include service on the OCF Board of Directors and boards of multiple OCF supporting organizations. As a beloved community leader, Jim was also deeply involved with Oregon Jewish Community Foundation and provided leadership to an array of important community nonprofits. Jim also served on the Board of Portland Parks Foundation and supported beautiful public spaces in Portland through his philanthropy as well.

Since moving to Portland in 1960, Jim and his wife Lora have made an incredible impact. Supporting children and families in need was close to Jim’s heart, as well as support for literacy, early childhood and services for those who are houseless. OCF has been honored to support the Meyer family’s giving to organizations like Library Foundation, Literary Arts, Oregon Food Bank, Portland Homeless Family Solutions and POIC.

Over the years, Jim and his wife Lora also brought many people to OCF, serving as connectors and bridge-builders motivated by care and compassion. They worked tirelessly to inspire philanthropy in all of their circles, starting with cultivating a spirit of generosity in their own family.

“I am so honored to have worked with Jim - and had his mentorship and leadership over so many years," says Max Williams, OCF President and CEO. “His service and generosity to Oregon Community Foundation will be a legacy of his commitment to the community and to the people of this state.”