A Suite of Giving Options for a Multigenerational Family

We work with multiple generations of families in all stages of giving, each experiencing unique situations and life milestones.

Charitable giving has been in the DNA of four generations of the Jones Family Foundation. They wanted to keep the giving legacy alive for future generations through intentionally structured vehicles that promote varied styles of giving. 

The Jones Private Family Foundation focuses exclusively on supporting women’s and girls' issues. The family foundation has a 20-year sunset clause when any remaining resources will transfer to a supporting organization at their local community foundation.

A supporting organization through OCF affords many benefits to the Jones Family, including multigenerational giving; organizing their philanthropy around specific issues with grant dollars invested for a defined time period. A Board of Directors and family council work together to explore and decide on subsequent issues of charitable intent. 

Donor-advised funds involve each child in their own charitable goals and grantmaking. The children also enjoy coming together and leveraging each other's funds to collaboratively donate to a specific cause.

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