Legacy Building and Strategic Giving

We work with multiple generations of families in all stages of giving, each experiencing unique situations and life milestones.   

Legacy Building and Strategic Giving

Before joining with OCF, Sarah called her giving style a “peanut butter” approach – spreading a little bit of support among a long list of favored nonprofits with annual modest gifts.

As a newcomer to a community foundation, she welcomed an opportunity to better organize her philanthropy.

She began by converting highly appreciated stock into a 'step-up fund' with OCF. She planned to invest $5,000 per year until reaching the $25,000 minimum to open a donor-advised fund and create a permanent endowed fund at the foundation.  

Over time, OCF advisors helped Sarah become more targeted in her giving - opting for quality over quantity. She reduced the number of organizations receiving gifts and increased the size of each gift to target opportunities that aligned with her values. Her work with OCF led to an introduction to Social Venture Partners, where she discovered her peer group and the joy of volunteering her business expertise to SVP funded organizations.

Today, her fund has grown substantially and she continues to build her legacy with an annual gift from her Donor Advised Fund. She is now working with OCF on shaping a legacy statement to ensure these gifts will continue to represent her values and interests well into the future.

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