Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

At OCF, we believe in advancing equity, diversity and inclusion in our work to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision.

Oregon's communities are far more diverse and complex than they were throughout much of the state's history and in coming times will reflect the diversity of the world.

OCF believes that persistent disparities based on such characteristics as race, gender, national origin, ethnicity, culture, disability, age, faith, gender identity and sexual orientation - together with barriers imposed by poverty - prevent OCF's vision of a healthy, thriving, sustainable Oregon from being fully realized. 

Individually and institutionally, Oregonians must be committed to move forward as one state. As we do, we will discover that we are stronger economically, richer culturally, healthier physically and mentally, and better prepared educationally to meet the challenges we face together. Real change is seldom easy to achieve, and it requires strong, intentional leadership supported by open participation and wisdom of many.

OCF advances equity, diversity and inclusion in accordance with our strategic plan and consistent with our values and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion statement.

OCF's Work Toward Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Board Equity Committee

The Equity Committee leads the OCF board in advancing equity, diversity and inclusion by recommending policies to guide the foundation in its mission to improve the quality of life and promote philanthropy among all Oregonians. The Equity Committee’s work is intended to lead to such outcomes as:

  • Reports on the current status and trends in OCF’s internal and external work relative to equity, diversity and inclusion and establishment of key benchmarks of success
  • A public statement of OCF’s commitment to promote equity and inclusion through grants, development and other programs
  • A policy promoting a strong commitment to creating a diverse board, workforce, donor and volunteer community at OCF
  • Adoption of equity, diversity and inclusion goals in OCF’s strategic planning
  • Establishment of OCF as a model for equity, diversity and inclusion within the philanthropic sector

The Equity Committee’s work focuses on a broad policy level, both guiding and drawing on the research and implementation of operational steps developed by OCF staff’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group.

Staff Dialogue Groups

As issues of equity, diversity and inclusion become part of the fabric of OCF, it will become all the more important to maintain good internal communication about our efforts. To that end, Foundation staff have started to organize informal dialogue groups. Working together, we can:

  • Identify the needs of these communities and where OCF plays or can play a role
  • Share information and resources about OCF and partner foundations work in these communities
  • Coordinate communication and relationship building activities
  • Celebrate our efforts, successes and partnerships
  • Assess and address opportunities for the foundation to engage with these communities in meaningful ways

These dialogue groups do not correlate with OCF's participation in funder affinity groups, though there may be overlap. Current groups include:

  • Connection to Black Communities Group
  • LGBTQ+ Group
  • Tribal Dialogue Group

EDI Initiatives and Partnerships

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