Southern Oregon

Taking a Win-Win Approach

Cheri Elson, Professional Advisor / Ashland

“I think we need to take care of each other. I think one of the problems in this world is that people don’t take care of each other anymore. They take care of themselves and forget about everybody else.”

Cheri Elson
Attorney, Drescher Elson Sperber, P.C.

“What I love most about my area of law is the ongoing relationship I have with my clients,” Cheri Elson says. Her law firm, Drescher Elson Sperber, P.C., provides estate planning and related services in Ashland. Cheri and her husband, Adam Sperber, run the office together. “I do the law, and he does everything else,” she laughs.

Cheri appreciates that OCF can simplify her clients’ charitable giving. “It makes the estate plan cleaner because we can just say to the trustee, ‘This amount of money goes to OCF,’” she explains. “And then OCF is able to be much more fluid and flexible at less cost to my clients than I am. So it’s win–win, and my clients love it.”

Cheri and Adam are accomplished musicians with a passion for Ashland’s cultural life. “We’re great supporters of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival,” she says. Cheri also performs with Southern Oregon Repertory Singers, and she and Adam both sit on the group’s board.

“I love being part of this community,” Cheri says. “We really love that wherever we go, we’re running into people we know as clients. I love that I’m a part of my community, and my community’s a part of me.”

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