Community Engagement

In Oregon, we know well that the heroes of our communities reside within them. When communities focus on strengths and recognize their own capacity to mobilize resources and solve problems, they reveal powerful potential for positive change.

  • Community 101 (C101)

    Community 101 is a classroom-based program that encourages students to get involved in their communities through grantmaking and volunteering. Used by teachers throughout Oregon, C101 lends itself to instructional use in civic engagement, global literacy, critical thinking, public speaking, use of technology, civil discourse and community involvement.

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  • GO Kids

    Our GO Kids initiative works with OCF volunteers statewide to raise awareness of Oregon's "opportunity gap" – created by widening disparities for children based on where they live, their race or family circumstance. Local volunteer networks can tailor solutions for activities that will work in their communities, bringing new resources to existing work.

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  • Latino Partnership Program

    OCF's Latino Partnership Program collaborates with Latino leaders and organizations around the state to develop broad-based leadership capability, improve educational outcomes and provide more job opportunities to communities that may face barriers to economic growth.

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  • Oregon Immigrant and Refugee Funders Collaborative

    OCF along with The Collins FoundationMRG FoundationMeyer Memorial Trust and Pride Foundation together form a coordinated and collaborative funding approach to address issues of immigration and refugees in the state, and to support local organizations responding to these issues.

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Volunteering in Oregon

Oregon ranks third in the nation for volunteering. OCF has long operated in the belief that community engagement and volunteerism are key elements of healthy, thriving communities. Learn about the impact of Volunteering in Oregon in an OCF-commissioned report highlighting the strengths and opportunities across nonprofit sectors.

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