Black Student Success

Working alongside community partners to attack the root causes of education inequity for Oregon's Black students.

Black students in Oregon continue to experience gaps in educational access and opportunities that appear in early childhood, youth development, K-12 and higher education settings. They experience more poverty, higher rates of exclusionary discipline and lower graduation rates than White students. Responding to calls from the community to address these and other disparities, OCF launched the Black Student Success initiative to support an improved culture of learning for our state’s Black children and youth.

We will work alongside community leaders throughout the state to build capacity and leadership, and scale proven models that improve outcomes for Black students.

The statewide program aligns with OCF’s strategic plan—which outlines strategies to increase investments in education, close opportunity gaps and support community-led problem-solving—and with the Oregon Department of Education's African-American/Black Student Success Plan

Take Action

Interested in supporting Black Student Success with a donation? Contribute to the program fund here or contact your nearest OCF Philanthropic Advisor. 

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