Crossroads & Connections: 2024 Tracking Oregon's Progress Report

Oregon is at a crossroads. Communities across the state continue to grapple with social and economic strains while they also find opportunities to make progress on key measurements. The 2024 Tracking Oregon’s Progress Report from Oregon Community Foundation provides data and analysis in seven focus areas that define what makes a thriving and healthy community. 

Chart showing TOP report focus areas

Focus Areas

The 2024 Tracking Oregon’s Progress report suggests that many systems and structures that shape the critical conditions for well-being are struggling and not working for Oregonians consistently. The cost of Oregonians’ daily lives is increasing faster than their incomes and other sources of wealth. For example, the cost of childcare in Oregon takes up nearly a quarter of household income, on average, which rivals housing and college expenses. More than half of Oregonians reported feeling left behind economically. The report adds that the social divides facing Oregon communities leave residents feeling disconnected and socially isolated.  

“We do not live single-issue lives. Insights into our progress appear in the complex intersections of health, education, economy, the natural and built environment, housing, social connection and belonging. Our research elevates these intersections so that we can better understand the strains we face and our opportunities to move forward.”

Yet, the report also points to promising opportunities that can have positive impacts on community well-being. For example, investing in early childhood education produces an array of benefits that stretch well into adulthood. The report also points to investments in specific pressure points that can have a big impact, including building workforce and affordable housing and alleviating the cost of higher education.