Designated Funds

Donor Designated funds are created by donors to support one or more charitable organizations. 

The information below is for recipients of designated fund grants 

Designated funds are created by donors to support a specific charitable organization(s). OCF currently has more than 300 designated funds making over 600 grants benefiting over 350 nonprofits each year. Most distributions are made in July.

We are pleased to announce that OCF can directly deposit designated grant distributions electronically. If you are interested, please download and complete the Automated Clearing House Form. Due to security concerns we ask that you do not email the completed form. Please follow the instructions on the form for returning it to OCF.

Grantee Reporting

OCF has changed the reporting system for designated grants. Reports are electronic and only required from selected organizations based on the criteria below. Selected grantees will receive an email with their electronic form(s).

The report, due by March 1, details how the funds were used and outlines plans to spend any carryover funds. These reports are reviewed by OCF's staff. If it is determined that the funds were used appropriately, the next year's distribution is approved at a board of directors meeting in May, followed by actual payment in July.

Criteria for reports:

  • Organizations receiving $20,000 or more in designated grants will be required to report each year
  • Organizations receiving less than $20,000 will report at least once every three years.

Institutional Scholarship Reports

Grants that are made specifically for institutions to distribute as scholarships are on a different timeline than other designated grants. They are approved by the OCF education committee in April and distributed in late April or early May. An institutional scholarship report will be emailed to you for completion by December 1.

Staff Assistance

Start by reading our Tips for Nonprofits Communicating with OCF (PDF) before you contact OCF

If you need assistance with designated fund grants, please contact:

Melissa Adelman

Director of Grants Management

(503) 944-2121

Metro Portland
Community Impact

If you need assistance with institutional scholarship grants, please contact:

Megan McElroy

Program Officer, Scholarships

(503) 944-2132

Community Impact