COVID Funding Explorer

In the wake of COVID-19, OCF has seen an unprecedented number of funding requests from impacted nonprofits. We welcome your support in meeting these needs. We’re making Oregon Community Recovery Fund applications visible to generous community members like you to help you decide which organizations to support. Organizations submitted these applications to OCF for review, so we encourage you to use discretion in sharing this page with others.

Ways to support the nonprofits listed in this interactive guide:

1. Direct support: Make a donation directly to the organization  

To ensure that the funding can be used to meet the most pressing needs as the situation changes, if you choose to support a nonprofit directly, we are encouraging unrestricted, general operating grants.

If you are unaffiliated with OCF and choose to make a grant to support one of these applications, we’d love to hear from you.  Please send information about grants you have made or are planning to make to The data we are tracking includes the following: funder name, grantee name, gift amount and payment date. 

2. If you have a donor advised fund at OCF: Recommend grants through MyOCF or contact your Donor Relations Officer (DRO).  

Please contact your Donor Relations Officer (DRO) if you have any technical difficulties accessing MyOCF. You can also email your DRO for more information about any of the applications found here.   

If you want to support these efforts, and would rather have OCF staff and volunteers determine where to distribute funding, we encourage you to support the Oregon Community Recovery Fund by clicking here.

Thank you for your support as we work together to help fellow Oregonians in this challenging time.