Together, OCF Donors Act on Climate Change and Conservation

Our work often begins with a simple question, “What more can we accomplish together than by working alone?” That could be the premise of two environmental efforts with OCF donors: the Climate Change & Healthy Habitats (CC&HH) Collective Giving Group and the Pacific Northwest Resilient Landscapes Initiative. A common thread through both programs is coming together around values and goals, learning about an issue and opportunities to make progress, and then acting over the long-term in concert with OCF.

“Diane and I have been with OCF for about 20 years. Wonderful professionals, always wanting to hear from us, always listening, always advising. OCF, big and influential, but always treating us as a family of kindred spirits,” says Rick Rupp, OCF donor and member of the CC&HH Collective Giving Group.

Formed in 2017, the CC&HH Collective Giving Group has grown in depth of relationships and impact. From a core group of eight, the group has expanded to 21 member funds and foundations represented by more than 30 participants. Each year, members give to a pooled fund, invest their time in learning from experts and each other, and make consensus-based grant decisions. Over 2020, the group engaged with a dozen speakers featuring a cross-section of professionals from universities, government, and the nonprofit community. Members cite this shared learning and the relationships among the biggest benefits.

“Our first year with OCF has been an extraordinary experience of learning and great joy. We are so grateful for the incredible OCF staff and the terrific program events in assisting us in focusing and refining our philanthropic objectives,” say Ed and Ellen McClaran, OCF donors and newest members of the giving group.

Since its inception, the group has made grants of more than $300,000. Recently, grants have primarily supported organizations engaging on the implementation of Governor Kate Brown’s Executive Order 20-04 (also referred to as Oregon Climate Action Plan), as well as the electrification of our transportation sector. Grant recipients included Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, Beyond Toxics, Climate Solutions, Columbia Riverkeeper, Forth Mobility Fund, the NAACP Eugene/Springfield, Oregon Environmental Council, and Rogue Climate.

OCF donors have also given collectively around climate resiliency through the Pacific Northwest Resilient Landscapes Initiative, a transformative effort across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Using a science-based approach toward climate adaptation, the initiative has identified 21 land trust projects across the three states that can preserve climate-resilient habitat, provide communities with access to clean water, reduce flooding risks, maintain working lands and preserve outdoor spaces for solace and recreation. With the support of OCF donors, we will be able to conserve nearly 30,000 acres and make transformative investments in the region’s land trusts.

OCF continues to work with donors, community leaders, and other funders to create regional, place-based solutions to preserve and protect natural places, quality of life, and economies at risk from environmental impacts due to changing climate.

For more information about the CC&HH Collective Giving Group, please contact Anne George, senior donor relations officer at (541) 382-1170 or ageorge@oregoncf.org.

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