Housing Stability

Addressing the Affordable Housing and Homelessness Crisis

OCF supports efforts to address housing supply, rising rents, and a lack of shelter space and public services that contribute to Oregon's disproportionately large population of homeless people.

  • Homelessness and Affordable Housing: Building Solutions

    Working with communities and supported by gifts from people like you, OCF funds a brighter housing future. Since 2015, OCF donors – through gifts large and small – together have contributed $6 million to $8 million a year in grants toward organizations serving the homeless and supporting affordable housing.

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  • Homelessness: Strategies for Impact

    Affordable housing, housing instability and chronic homelessness comprise a statewide crisis that must be tackled collaboratively by government, business, nonprofits and philanthropy.

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  • Project Turnkey

    Homelessness and housing insecurity are often described as intractable problems, so entrenched and complex that they seem nearly impossible to solve. Project Turnkey is the story of what Oregon can accomplish when communities, business, government and philanthropy join forces to take bold action.

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Homelessness Reports

While Oregon’s population represents 1.3 percent of the total U.S. population, Oregon’s homeless population represents 2.6 percent of the total U.S. homeless population. This OCF-commissioned report suggests that the state’s homelessness and housing dilemmas are the result of two converging crises. Two reports examine the situation in Oregon: statewide, and in the Portland Metro region. 



OCF is well-positioned to promote thoughtful strategies for donors who want to make a difference through prevention, education, advocacy or direct services.

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Other ways to support homelessness solutions

Your donor relations officer can direct you toward further opportunities to support nonprofits and agencies that serve homeless Oregonians. If you're new to OCF, enter your zip code below to connect with a philanthropic advisor in your region.

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