Kim Leonard
Senior Research Officer, Oregon Community Foundation

Madeline Brandt
Research Officer, Oregon Community Foundation

Recommended citation

Leonard, K., & Brandt, M. (2021). Drawing Lessons from Studio to School. Oregon Community Foundation. www.oregoncf.org/studiotoschool


This reporting, and the Studio to School Initiative, were made possible due to a generous bequest to OCF from Fred and Sue Fields as well as contributions from OCF donor advised funds.

Many wonderful people contributed to the knowledge reflected in this report, including:

Current Oregon Community Foundation team members
  • Kirsten Kilchenstein, Chief Philanthropy Officer
  • Chey Kuzma, Associate Program Officer, Arts & Culture
  • Jerry Tischleder, Program Officer, Arts & Culture
  • Kimberlee Salmond, Director of Research
  • Becky Seel, Research Officer
  • Sonia Worcel, Chief Community Impact Officer
Former Oregon Community Foundation team members
  • Michelle Boss Barba
  • Kathleen Cornett
  • Zoë Flanagan
  • Jeff Geiger
  • Danae Hutson-Lipinski
  • David Keyes
  • Holly Kipp
  • Catherine Moore
  • Caitlin Ruffenach
  • Carlee Smith
Initiative partners and collaborators

Special thanks to Open Signal for producing the Studio to School principles video.

OCF Arts Committee members

Many current and past arts committee members informed and provided feedback on the design and implementation of Studio to School and its evaluation.

Evaluation advisors

Evaluation advisory group members and other arts education stakeholders in Oregon and elsewhere gave their time and expertise on countless occasions over the course of the Initiative and since, including:

  • Jennifer Allen
  • Eric Braman
  • Kristen Brayson
  • E. Jane Davidson
  • Mandy Elder
  • Hana Layson
  • Sarah Lench
  • Briana Linden
  • Nancy Golden
  • Kimberly Howard
  • Kylie Hutchinson
  • Nora Murphy Johnson
  • Cherie-Ann May
  • Shannon McNerny
  • Taylor Nietzke
  • Kim Patterson
  • Michael Quinn Patton
  • Ginevra Ralph
  • Nelda Reyes
  • Michelle Reynolds
  • Martha Richards
  • Karena Salmond
  • Steve Seidel
  • Marna Stalcup
  • Mindy Stutzman
  • Shelley Toon Lindberg
  • Deb Vaughn
  • Charlie Walker
  • Betsy Wolfston
  • Adrienne Zell

And of course, the many brilliant members of each Studio to School project team.

We are endlessly grateful to all of the leaders, educators, students, artists and community members involved in each of the Studio to School projects who graciously hosted the evaluation team for program observations and conversations; shared their wisdom and experiences through e-journal posts and learning community discussions; offered their insights, friendship and talents at rendezvous; and much, much more.