Donor Services

OCF supports your philanthropy through educational events and resources, focused conversations to align your philanthropic priorities with giving opportunities, and an online giving portal. We strive to be flexible and supportive in our approach, offering a variety of fund types and accepting a number of different assets. Please connect with a local OCF team member to learn more.

MyOCF: Your Giving Portal

MyOCF provides online fund access to individuals, families, and businesses who have donor advised funds. Log on today to connect with resources to support your philanthropy. Your donor relations officer can help you log in.

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OCF Giving Navigator

Search by topic or region to read profiles of nonprofits and learn about current needs.

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Learn how we're working with communities to address challenges.

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Guides, reports, research and newsletters

Download and read these helpful giving resources.

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Meet Our Team

Meet the people committed to understanding your giving interests and connecting you to causes and organizations you care about.

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How to Make a Gift

MyOCF (for DAF advisors)

You can add to your donor advised fund with a credit card with MyOCF.

ACH Transfers

You can donate cash by wire or ACH transfer to your fund at Oregon Community Foundation (ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, a network for electronically moving money between bank accounts). Contact your donor relations officer for assistance. 

Assets We Accept 

You can donate stock, bond or mutual fund shares, real estate, IRA distributions and other assets.

“I think the Oregon Community Foundation is an absolutely amazing organization and we are very proud to be part of it and to be able to take advantage of their knowledge and help and information that they share so that we make really good decisions with our philanthropy.”

Jody Ward