Grantee Reporting

Given the variety of programs OCF oversees, it can be hard to know which form to use when submitting an evaluation report. If you are unsure about the type of grant you received, or which form to use, please call us at (503) 227-6846 and ask to speak to an associate donor relations officer or a program associate. Alternatively, you can email us at or

We value your time, so if you receive multiple evaluation requests for the same project, please contact us to discuss how we can simplify things for you.

Competitive Grants

The term "competitive grants" simply refers to grants awarded through a competitive grant process, such as the Community Grant Program. Unless otherwise specified in the grant award letter, these programs use OCF's standard grant evaluation form. We've kept this form simple to minimize the burden on the grantee. Our hope is that grantees will use grant evaluation as much for their benefit as for ours, as a guide for decision making and resource use.


We know that projects do not always begin on time; unexpected events can interfere with progress, and projects sometimes fail despite good planning and intentions. Our philosophy is that if all of our grant-funded projects are successful, we are not taking enough risks.

Please do not delay submitting your report for fear our reaction will be negative. Also, please feel free to contact us with any questions. We can delay a report due date if your situation calls for it.

Small Arts & Culture Grants

Grantees who received a Small Arts & Culture grant in 2022 or prior should submit a report through SurveyMonkey here.

Designated Grants

Designated grants and Institutional Scholarships are awarded annually, as long as the grantee uses the funds as specified in the grant award letter. To learn more, please visit our designated fund grantees page.

Institutional Scholarship Grants

The Foundation requires an annual report on the use of your Institutional Scholarship grant by December 1. Organizations that receive grants from multiple funds are required to submit a unique report for each grant and list the scholarship recipients for each grant. Any future grants from these funds are dependent on receipt of this report. The Institutional Scholarship grant report form will be emailed to you in the fall for completion online. If you have questions about this reporting requirement, please email our Scholarships team at

Advised Grants

Advised fund grants are generally made at the recommendation of an advised fund donor; they are not the result of a grant application. Most advised fund grants support a nonprofit’s general operations or core programs. Therefore, we usually do not require submission of a progress report. Exceptions are sometimes made if the grant is for a specific project or for a large sum. In such cases, the grant award letter will let the grantee know that a report is required. To learn more, please visit our advised fund grantees page.

Environmental Education Program Grants

For grants received through the Environmental Education Program, please use the environmental education evaluation form.

Supporting Organization Grants

For grants received from one of OCF's Supporting Organizations: The DeArmond Foundation, The DeBoer Foundation, the Stott Foundation, or the Weston Foundation please visit the Supporting Organization page for additional information.

Reporting Guidelines for Other Funds

Individual funds may have their own grantee reporting guidelines. For more information, please visit the homepage for the fund from which you received a grant (please see the list below).