Administrative Fees

Through careful management and use of volunteers, OCF keeps its expenses low while providing high-quality services to donors and grantees. Each OCF fund pays a proportionate share of the Foundation's administrative costs, based on an annual fee structure.

Historically, OCF's administrative fees have been among the lowest compared to community foundations nationally.

Current Fee Schedule

Rates shown do not include investment management costs.

All Funds (Except Nonprofit Endowments)*

Up to $2 million 0.95%
$2 million to $6 million 0.85%
$6 million to $20 million 0.55%
Amounts > $20 million 0.35%
*Funds that grant out more than half of their balance during the year will be assessed a fee of 3% of the grant amount in lieu of the balance fee. Minimum annual administrative fee for an advised fund is $475.00. Funds that award scholarships are assessed an additional 10% of the amount of scholarships awarded. Pass-through gifts will be assessed a fee of 3%. Other fee arrangements may apply for special grant programs or other services.


Endowments for Other Nonprofit Organizations

Up to $1 million 0.50%
$1 million to $5 million 0.20%
Amounts > $5 million 0.10%

Investment Management Costs

OCF allocates the costs associated with investment management proportionally to the individual funds in its investment pool. These costs include fees paid for professional management; independent investment consulting fees; and legal fees associated with the investment program.

The fees of individual managers vary depending on the size of the portfolio and the type of assets being managed (e.g., management fees for fixed-income investments are typically lower than fees for equity investments). Total investment costs fluctuate depending on how assets are allocated among managers and among investment categories.

OCF’s investment returns are stated net of investment management costs.