May 24, 2022

Donor Giving Group at OCF Surpasses $500K in Investment in Oregon and Pacific Northwest Climate Action Work

'Climate Change & Healthy Habitats’ will support 16 climate action/environmental justice groups with $216,500 in new funding.

Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) announced today that the Climate Change & Health Habitats Collective Giving Group (CC&HH), a group of climate-oriented donors, has now made a total of 37 grants to 21 climate solutions and environmental justice organizations amounting to $532,105 since 2017. The five-year milestone comes as the group awards 16 organizations grants totaling $216,500 this year. This funding supports climate action work to ensure that Oregonians, including communities of color and rural communities, can live and thrive in our changing climate. 

“Oregon Community Foundation is honored to support the expansion and growth of the Climate Change & Healthy Habitats Collective Giving Group as they continue to learn, grow and invest together to address Oregon’s changing climate and preserve land and water in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest,” said Carlos Garcia, Program Officer, Environment, Oregon Community Foundation. “We’re grateful to the donors, organizations, and communities that are working together for the benefit of current and future Oregonians.”  

Increasingly, OCF donors have expressed urgency to address the changing climate impact through a rapid and collaborative response in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. This growing group of OCF donors regularly talk with and learn from nonprofit and community leaders throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. 

“The relationships and learning that have transpired over these years, informed by experts from across the state and Pacific Northwest, have resulted in robust and strategic funding for so many important climate-focused and environmental justice organizations,” said Anne George, Senior Donor Relations Officer, Oregon Community Foundation.  

Beyond Toxics Bee Survey

Beyond Toxics Bee Survey

Following is a small snapshot of some of the organizations that the Climate Change & Healthy Habitats Collective Giving Group is supporting this year via Oregon Community Foundation (a complete list can be found in OCF’s online Press Room): 

Beyond Toxics $15,000 

For work to ensure that communities have equitable access to healthy food, clean air, and clear drinking water, and for underserved communities to be included in the decision-making processes impacting their well-being. Working primarily in the Willamette Valley and Rogue Valley, Beyond Toxics supports working class, rural communities, and communities of color striving for environmental health.  

“Beyond Toxics is dedicated to successfully organizing in historically disadvantaged communities to build out action on environmental and climate hazards,” said Lisa Arkin, Executive Director, Beyond Toxics. “With Climate Change & Healthy Habitat support via OCF, our vision for equitable access to healthy air, a stable climate and resilient neighborhoods is more attainable.” 

Climate Solutions $25,000 

To help shape state climate action by using research, communication, and community outreach. Climate Solutions works in partnership with businesses, communities, labor unions, and environmental and public health organizations. 

“In recent years, Oregon has passed nationally significant climate policies and made investments in solutions that place us at the forefront of climate commitments. It is now the job of groups like Climate Solutions to make progress on the ground to cut carbon pollution, help create good paying jobs, and address equity,” said Gregg Small, Executive Director, Climate Solutions. “That means scaling up solutions such as installing more electric vehicle charging stations, getting highly efficient heat pumps into low-income housing, and increasing the number of electric buses taking our children to school.” 

A complete list of 2021-2022 CC&HH grants can be found in OCF’s online Press Room. Since the group was founded, membership has expanded from 8 funds represented by 11 people to 28 funds represented by over 45 people. 

“I am thrilled to be involved and engaged with Oregon Community Foundation’s Climate Change & Healthy Habitats Collective Giving Group,” said Megan Colwell, Portland community member and OCF donor. “I appreciate the mix of expertise, unique perspectives and ultimately the collaboration that occurs in our funding decisions to support work to address climate change and protect and restore healthy ecosystems.” 

The CC&HH Collective Giving Group’s shared learning has resulted in investments in climate change action, transportation electrification, and natural climate solutions, including the protection of natural spaces such as landscapes and wetlands to keep greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. 

“OCF looks forward to continuing to support this donor-driven effort to help them make an impact regarding climate action in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest,” continued Anne George. “We are excited to work with new as well as returning members in the coming months as we begin our next grantmaking cycle.” 

About Climate Change & Healthy Habitats Collective Giving Group through OCF 

Through OCF, this diverse donor group with expertise in business, academia, medicine, law, agriculture, and forestry has created a vehicle to meet, learn, plan, and recommend grants that support efforts to address climate change and protect healthy ecosystems. OCF donor members learn from and engage with nonprofits across the region addressing climate change and recommend grants to further those efforts. To learn more about and support the work of the Climate Change & Healthy Habitats Collective Giving Group through Oregon Community Foundation, please visit:Climate Change & Healthy Habitats Collective Giving Group » Oregon Community Foundation. 

For questions or more information about joining the CC&HH donor giving group, please contact Anne George, Senior Donor Relations Officer, Oregon Community Foundation, via email at: