Strategic Plan

We believe in an Oregon where everyone can grow, prosper and thrive.

Since 1973 Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) has established a network of passionate donors, community partners, nonprofit organizations and dedicated volunteers united in helping other Oregonians. This passion is fueled by a love of Oregon and a commitment to making it a better place for everyone. 

Inspire Giving

Increase Impactful Giving in Oregon

Generous individuals, families, businesses and organizations across the state put donated money to work for Oregonians. OCF annually distributes more than $100 million in grants and scholarships to thousands of nonprofit organizations and students. These dollars can help close the opportunity gap, foster thriving communities and promote our shared values. OCF will:

  • Steward current donors, celebrating their giving and impact.
  • Attract new donors with innovative services and approaches.
  • Expand awareness and connection with charitable giving


Increase Public and Private Investments in Early Childhood and Family Supports

With access to greater opportunities, children can reach their full potential. An important step forward includes increased public and private investments in early childhood, parenting education and strategies that support families. By focusing on the youngest and least advantaged Oregonians and their families, we can have the largest long-term impact. OCF will:

  • Promote universal access to parenting education.
  • Reduce barriers to access and support culturally relevant strategies.
  • Increase awareness about the opportunity gap and solutions.

Learn more about OCF's efforts to advance opportunity in Oregon. 

In 2017 OCF published a report providing Oregon-specific opportunity gap data highlighting the challenges faced by Oregon’s children: the 2017 Tracking Oregon’s Progress (TOP) Report. 

Read the TOP Report


Support Community Problem-Solving

As a statewide community foundation, OCF supports diverse communities in implementing solutions to locally identified needs. We help Oregon’s communities thrive by connecting them with the tools, resources and influence needed to engage in community-driven solutions. OCF will:

  • Increase the number of Oregon communities that have tools, resources and Influence to solve problems collaboratively, inclusively and equitably.
  • Strengthen and invest in Oregon’s community leaders.
  • Build, sustain, grow and reflect strong relationships with diverse communities.