Strategic Plan

Our Greatest Opportunity: Oregon

We believe the best way OCF can address the long-term challenges facing our state is by convening and amplifying the tremendous talents of a statewide network of everyday Oregonians: individuals, businesses, nonprofits and government–working together to inspire impactful giving, advance opportunity for all of Oregon’s children and deeply engaging communities in solutions tailored to meet their needs.

Our strategic plan

Inspire Giving


Today, against a backdrop of polarization and crises, OCF’s most valuable currency is our ability to engage and partner with Oregonians to tackle challenges together. We have a long history of leveraging creative problem-solving skills across a broad network of nonprofits, community members and donors to generate the greatest impact in Oregon communities.

OCF Strategies:

  • Grow and strengthen existing relationships.
  • Increase OCF’s network of charitably inclined individuals, families, and businesses.
  • Welcome and engage prospective donors.
  • Expand awareness of OCF and philanthropy in Oregon.

Engage Communities

Supporting Community Problem-Solving

Achieving vibrant, thriving, and inclusive communities depends on the engagement and leadership of Oregonians who live, work and play in the communities we serve. Community engagement is a process which supports our ability to continuously adapt as we listen, learn and respond to needs as they emerge. As a statewide community foundation, OCF celebrates the voices of diverse communities, builds bridges between and across communities, and leverages community expertise through collaboration and partnerships.

OCF Strategies:

  • Enhance Oregon nonprofits’ capacity to support their success in developing and leading solutions to local issues.
  • Provide inclusive opportunities for diverse communities to engage in OCF’s programs and grantmaking through input, co-creation, or shared leadership.
  • Build trust and strengthen relationships with diverse and under-resourced communities.

Advance Opportunity

Advancing Opportunities for Oregon’s Children and Families

Emphasizing those who have been historically and systematically excluded from opportunity – through increased, equitable investments and meaningful systems transformation.

The future of Oregon depends upon the education, health and well-being of all our children. With access to greater opportunities, children can reach their full potential. However, too many Oregonians have been denied opportunity by virtue of discriminatory systems and policies and inequitable funding and investments.

To close the widening opportunity gap we will leverage our strong history of investments in early childhood, education, and family and community vitality; a growing research base; and our commitment to community engagement, convening and cross-sector partnerships to support and inform innovative strategies, lift up locally-identified solutions, and advocate for sound policies and systemic change to deliver outcomes for Oregon’s children and communities.

OCF Strategies:
  • Ensure equitable access to the birth to postsecondary educational opportunities that are critical for success.
  • Support equitable access to affordable housing, childcare, healthcare, and opportunities for achieving economic stability and growth.
  • Build trust and strengthen relationships with diverse and under-resourced communities.