Alaia Ilargi


Administrative Assistant, Scholarships

Metro Portland

Community Engagement and Equity
(503) 227-6846

Alaia has nearly ten years’ experience in higher education, serving student populations in financial aid, admissions, and academic program coordination. From their experiences studying pedagogy in their MA studies, Alaia is passionate about equitable and accessible education ­– everyone deserves a chance to learn more about themselves, their cultures, their histories, and how to dream of better worlds. Outside of work, Alaia loves to write poetry and non-fiction. They also love to play and facilitate tabletop roleplaying games and enjoy watching the preeminent performance art that is professional wrestling.

“But I know that as a poet it is not my job to win you over with a persuasive argument, but to impart to you a vibrational experience that is capable of awakening the desire of another world.”

Jackie Wang