Hispanic & Latino/x/e

78 organizations focused on Hispanic and Latino/x/e communities received ~$2.7M.

“An essential motivating force in social and racial justice movements is the fight to humanize BIPOC people.  When we consider immigration and the issue of human legality, what does it truly look like to support organizations who are leaning into that messy and courageous systems-change space? It is vital to fund organizations who are restoring humanity and dignity across communities. It is also critical to consider how we move from isolated funding to sustainable wealth building strategies.”

Community Advisor

Community Advisory Team

  • Luz De Villarroel, Coordinator, DREAMersResource Center, Portland Community College
  • Ashley Espinoza, Sector Strategy Director, Lane Workforce Partnership
  • Daniel Garcia, Behavioral Health Equity and Inclusion Analyst, Oregon Health Authority
  • Cinthia Manuel, CEO and Founder, Autentica Consulting
  • Carlos Salcedo, Interim Director, Community and Philanthropy, St. Charles Health System
  • Daniel Santos, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Administration, Willamette University College of Law; Former Counsel and Advisor to the Oregon Governor’s Office
  • Janet Soto Rodriguez, Deputy Director, Foundations for a Better Oregon
  • Wendy Veliz, Local Government Affairs Manager, Portland General Electric; Statewide Advisory Council Chair, OCF Latino Partnership Program