213 organizations focused on rural communities, including communities of color, received ~$4.9M. (Note: These organizations support diverse communities but are not specific to a given race/ethnicity or population.)

“How are proposed solutions generated: Who are the people most impacted, and how are they exercising leadership and decision-making and resource allocation in determining solutions?”

Community Advisor

Community Advisory Team

  • Jess Campbell, Executive Director, Rural Organizing Project
  • Ingrid Dankmeyer, Advisory Board Member, Wallowa Resources
  • Max Gimbel, Associate Director, Ford Institute for Community Building, The Ford Family Foundation
  • Carrie Hanson, Executive Director, West Family Foundation
  • Laura Isiordia, Field Coordinator, The Ford Family Foundation
  • Heidi Khokhar, Executive Director, Rural Development Initiatives
  • Sara Miller, Economic Development Specialist, Northeast Oregon Economic Development District