Community Rebuilding Fund

The Community Rebuilding Fund, established at the request of Governor Kate Brown and launched in partnership with Meyer Memorial Trust, Oregon Community Foundation, The Ford Family Foundation and American Red Cross, is a place to bring private and philanthropic donations together to work collectively for Oregonians whose communities have been leveled by wildfires this season.

The goal: to gather resources and plan for what comes next after the extraordinary devastation brought by wildfires across a state already reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic and consequences of racial injustice.  

These foundational partners bring combined, unique expertise and understanding of communities together to bridge the challenges our state will face in the aftermath of these fires. This partnership of cumulative impact and shared values reflects a unified commitment for a stronger and more resilient Oregon. 

The Community Rebuilding Fund aims to leverage public investment with private and philanthropic investment to catalyze a rebuilding effort for a stronger Oregon. 

Contributions from individuals, businesses and other organizations are welcome. 

Gifts by Credit Card 

Corporate and Major Gifts

Gifts Through Existing OCF Funds

  • If you have an OCF donor advised fund, we can facilitate gifts to this fund – either by logging onto MyOCF or by contacting a donor relations officer