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Spotlight: Freeman Green and Jeff Moore

“It’s so helpful to have folks at OCF to work with. They are familiar with the different charities and what’s going on in the charitable community. They have the experience on what goes into effect when planning.”

Partner of the estate planning group at Saalfeld Griggs

For Freeman Green and Jeff Moore, partners of the estate planning group at the Salem-based business law firm Saalfeld Griggs, integrity means working closely with clients to honor their wishes. And OCF makes it easier for them to do that. “There’s a feeling throughout the firm that OCF just tries to do what is best and most flexible for clients,” says Moore.

Moore (pictured on the right) recalls a recent experience with a husband and wife who had a sizable estate. “The husband had a laundry list of organizations that he wanted to benefit,” he says. “And the spouse had her laundry list of causes and organizations. They weren’t the same, but there was a common theme.” When Moore suggested a field of interest fund at OCF, the couple was thrilled that there was a way to satisfy all of their interests.