Community Resilience and Trauma Informed Care Impact Fund

Invited organizations may submit applications February 26th - April 5th, 2024


The Community Resilience and Trauma Informed Care Impact Fund (Impact Fund) was established in 2023 by a one-time investment from Columbia Pacific CCO to help the Resilient Clatsop County (RCC) and Columbia County Childhood Trauma Informed Network (CTIN) reduce childhood trauma and bolster resilience in children and their families in Clatsop and Columbia County.  The fund is administered by the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) and supports projects from the RCC and CTIN strategic plans.


  • To help RCC and CTIN networks in Clatsop and Columbia County move towards becoming self-sufficient and sustainable.
  • To provide grants to RCC and CTIN member organizations that support reducing childhood trauma and increasing resilience in children and their families.
  • To empower the RCC and CTIN by giving them the power to decide which projects from their strategic plans are funded.
  • To fund projects from the RCC and CTIN strategic plans by providing grants to RCC/CTIN member organizations.
  • To bring local efforts into alignment by supporting projects that are congruent with the RCC and CTIN strategies, shared measures and agenda.

Funding Priorities

  • Projects that primarily serve and/or benefit children 0-5 or K-5 and/or their parents and caregivers.
  • Projects that address childhood trauma and building resilience in children and families.

Who is Eligible to Apply

  • 501(c)3 organizations
  • Government entities
  • Other types of organizations that work with a 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor
  • Active and contributing members of the RCC and CTIN networks (or those who have plans to become active and contributing members)

Steps to Apply: 

  1. Log in to MyOCF 
  2. Click “apply for grant” and select the “Invitation Only” application option 
  3. Enter the password supplied to you 
  4. Complete responses to the questions outlined in this document 
  5. Fill in responses in this document and upload the completed information in the document upload section of the application.
  6. Complete this budget template and upload it (in Excel format only) as part of your grant application package.

It is important that you review the appropriate network strategic plans prior to completing your grant request. Please follow the links below to the CTIN Strategic Plan and the RCC Strategic Plan.

For more information, please contact: