Increase Access to Education with a Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund

Change lives and promote economic security by helping Oregon students to get the education they need. 

A scholarship fund allows you to make a charitable contribution, qualify for an immediate tax benefit and provide scholarships in perpetuity to Oregon students pursuing post-high school education.

Benefits of Working with OCF


Support the types of students you care about by setting purpose, selection and award criteria. We help you design a scholarship fund that will have the greatest impact on aspiring students. Once the fund is established and applications arrive, the OCF staff team — along with the Oregon Office of Student Access and Completion (for most scholarship funds) — supports the committee in its annual selection process.


As a donor, you can participate on your fund’s selection committee. After the committee recommends scholarship awards, you can help notify the students, attend award ceremonies and receive correspondence from students.


Your contributions to OCF are stewarded by our expert investment committee and professional managers to ensure the longevity and growth of the fund.


Permanent OCF funds create a lasting legacy, helping generations of Oregon students achieve higher education.

How Scholarship Funds Work

  • You establish and name the fund with a fund agreement and gift, assisted by an OCF charitable gift planner. 
  • You make a gift of cash or other assets to OCF to start the fund.
  • You qualify for an immediate tax deduction for your charitable contribution.
  • The fund is expertly invested. 
  • The fund has a selection committee, appointed by OCF, on which you may serve as a committee member.
  • The fund’s selection committee reviews applications and recommends recipients that are approved by the OCF board in July.
  • You may add to the fund at any time, including through your estate.

“Because of your generous contribution toward my education, you are helping me achieve a dream I have had for over 30 years.”

— OCF Scholarship Recipient

Frequently Asked Questions

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