Southern Oregon

Promoting the Needs of Their County

Alice and Sam Dinsdale, owners of Dinsdale Farm & Equipment, began their philanthropic work with OCF a decade ago. They were invited to serve on the committee of the Clinton and Mary Anne Basey Scholarship Fund, which offers postsecondary scholarships to local students who, as Alice puts it, “had an interest in farming and ranching but probably wouldn’t qualify for other scholarships.”

In addition to serving on this committee, Alice is a member of OCF’s Southern Oregon Leadership Council. In this role, she informs her community about assistance available through OCF — including grants to narrow the regional opportunity gap — while also alerting OCF to high-priority needs in Lake County.

“The community here is very remote. The north end of the county tends to feel forgotten at times. With OCF’s help, though, there may be some things out here that we can improve on.”

Member of OCF’s Southern Oregon Leadership Council

The Dinsdales are particularly pleased to have partnered recently with their friends, neighbors and OCF to fund the only preschool in north Lake County and the only all-weather track in a 60-mile radius. Next on the Dinsdales’ community improvement list is an emergency management system that can efficiently serve this large rural area.