Creative Heights

Supporting new and innovative performances, exhibitions and programs

The Creative Heights initiative provides opportunities for artists and culture bearers to stretch their creative capacity, share new works and test new ideas. The initiative aims to increase Oregon’s cultural visibility and vitality while supporting unique opportunities for Oregonians to experience innovative arts and culture.

Creative Heights grants are for the creation and/or presentation of new and innovative performances, exhibitions, programs, and other works of art and culture. OCF will award up to $1 million in projects annually with grants from $10,000 to $100,000 per project.

OCF considers proposals for a range of funding levels and timelines to best serve the needs of the particular project. Funds can support any artistic or cultural discipline, including visual, dance, folk and traditional arts, film/video/media, literary arts, museum exhibitions, humanities, music, theater and performance arts, history and heritage, and multidisciplinary or emerging fields. Projects should provide opportunities for the lead artists, organizations, or collaborators, to take risks and learn something new.

Celebrating a Decade of Reaching Creative Heights in Oregon

For nearly a decade, OCF’s Creative Heights initiative has stood apart in the state’s arts landscape for the size of the grants (up to $100,000), the ambition those grants fuel, and the risks they allow artists to take.

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