Metro Portland

Jenelle Etzel: Intentional, Impactful Giving with OCF

Working with Oregon Community Foundation makes me feel really proud. It makes me feel like my giving is intentional and impactful, actually partnering with those that with an expertise.  

I feel like I am wisely using my resources to have the greatest impact. Oregon Community Foundation makes me feel really confident that I'm a good steward of those dollars. 

As a lifelong Oregonian, I'm really passionate about the state and I love the Oregon Community Foundation really knows what's going on not just in the metropolitan areas but where the need is in our rural communities. And that’s a huge reason that I love to give with Oregon Community Foundation. 

Oftentimes people will come to me and ask about Oregon Community Foundation. I know that they manage over a billion dollars’ worth of money for Oregonians and people will say to me “Well, I don't really have that much,” but Oregon Community Foundation gives people the opportunity to start small.  You can start with a smaller donation and build from that.  

From the first time that I heard about Oregon Community Foundation, this was something that was kind of on my vision board my dream board, of like I cannot wait to work with them, I can't wait to be a part of that!  

My name is Jenelle Etzel. I'm the owner and founder of Living Room Realty as well as a donor with Oregon Community Foundation.